Audio Cube

Pro Audio Electronics?

It's our business.

Emotech Design Ltd. have over 10 years experience in the design and development of Professional Digital Audio Equipment. We specialise in:

  • Hardware Design (System/Schematic/PCB)
  • Firmware Design (VHDL/Verilog)
  • Embedded Software Design (C/C++)
  • GUI Software Design (C/C#/C++)
  • Digital Audio Interfaces (AES10-MADI/AES3-SPDIF)
  • Network Audio Interfaces (Dante)
  • Floating/Fixed Point Mixing (FPGA)
  • Audio Filter Design (DSP on FPGA)

Quite simply, we will take your idea and make it reality...

Our projects have ranged from designing complete products, end-to-end, to IP for an FPGA to simple consultancy.

Design With Simplicity.

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Project Planning & Management

We use Fogbugz "Evidence based Scheduling" project management software to plan your project. It learns how long a task actually takes compared it to how long we said it would take and adjusts our timescales accordingly. We schedule our tasks in hours and minuets with no task greater than 6 hours. This means we achieve greater accuracy in timescales. The ultra-granulated tasks forces thought about the design at the lowest level.

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We provide high and low level block diagrams so you know how we're working and what your design is made of. Progress can be tracked with a client log in to our Fogbugz server.

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The Latest Tools

We use Altium Designer ® and Mentor Graphics PADS ® for hardware design. Mentor Graphics ModelSim ® for verification of FPGA designs on Altera or Xilinx FPGAs. All of our designs are backed up with triple redundancy on Google Drive, Kiln - A Mercurial-Based version control server repository and the working hard drive. We are also fully insured.

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Industry Knowledge

It's pro audio that we specialise in. Nothing else. You can rest assured that our engineers have backgrounds and extensive experience in fundamental and advanced analogue and digital audio design.